Narva 2009

Baltic Meeting 2009, Narva

Article: Gustafsson: Fluid Boundaries, Impressions from a Baltic Meeting (pdf)

Tuesday, June 9 

15.30 Departure to Narva from EWU’s office Harju 1.

16.30 Late lunch/early dinner in Viitna Tavern

20.00 Accommodation in Narva hotel, optional walking tour, supper at the hotel

 Wednesday, June 10

Breakfast at the hotel

11.00-15.00 Activities in Narva Castle including museum tour, performances of poetry, discussions

15.00-16.00 Lunch

16.00-20.00 Drive to Käsmu. touring Lahemaa manors and the north coast

20.00 Dinner at Käsmu, socializing.

Thursday, June 11

Breakfast at Käsmu

Drive to Tallinn, sightseeing in Tallinn.

All photos: Jaana Nikula

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