Round table discussion dedicated to the work and situation of literary translators around Baltic region

Date: Friday 26th April, 2019 

Time: 15.00-18.00 with a break

Venue: Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators


Agreements with publishers
Visibility and credits


Hilde Lyng, The Norwegian Association of Literary Translators Mårten Westö, Society of Swedish Authors in Finland
Mrs. Magnea J. Matthiasdottir, The Icelandic Writers Union
Mudite Treimane, Writers Union of Latvia
Justyna Czechowska, Polish Literary Translators Association
Taina Helkamo, Finnish Translators Union
Kazimiera Astratovienė, Association of Lithuanian Translators
Dmitri Plax, Union of Belarusian Writers
Ingrid Velbaum-Staub, Estonian Writers Union
Anna Säflund-Orstadius, Swedish Writers Unio

Every participant will have 5 minutes to present the situation in his/her country connected to the following issues and after that a discussion and questions from the audience will follow.

Moderator of a discussion – Justyna Czechowska. 

The goal of the Round table is to prepare a proposal of a common statement of how the problems should be solved in the future and how the event should be followed within the BWC.

The Round table working group
Justyna Czechowska, Dmitri Plax, Jegor Fetisov, Taina Helkamo